"Letters" From America

The first person kat US yang aku contact, right lepas aku sampai Malaysia, of course was MamatGQ/Car*er, my dear good friend, my former Boss. Masa kat Detention Center aku tak contact dia pun pasal aku tak nak dia susah-susah pasal aku.

Ini dia punya email kat aku:

It is so kind of you to remember my birthday, thank you and then thank you again.

It is so hard to hear that so much has happened to you. What an awful experience and as you say humbling. First I would like to apologize to you on behalf of this country I was born in to. It makes me so angry because we are a collection of people from different nations who originally created a place where all were welcome. I do not know what has happened these past years but I am angry and hurt that someone I care for would be treated so poorly and deported. I am so sorry, I consider you as American and I am and would prefer to have you living here than many of the people who cal them selves Americans. It is not right and I apologize again to you.

Being held for 6 months must have been so difficult for you. How did you keep you sanity? Did they allow you to collect things from your home? What about the money you had made? Were you able to have time to contact the people who know and love you here? I can only imagine how difficult it must have been and am not surprised that going through this experience caused you to loose so much weight. You MUST take vary good care of your self now that you are in a stable place. You will need lots of rest and good food and to make some friends who can look out for you and protect you.

It will be good to see your parents after many years. maybe difficult but also good. They will be so happy to see what a fine man you have become. Please let me know how it goes.

I am well and again let me say how touched I am by your birthday well wishes. The past 18 months have been the most difficult I have experience in my life. Having lost my job in 2008 it has been very hard to try to find another position which is similar and in my field of marketing. I am nearing the end of two sets of interviews with two different companies and both are saying that they will make an offer to me - but I will not celebrate until it has happened (I have heard these promises before and yet I still look for a position). The economy is very difficult, as you know, and that has made it very hard to have faith that things will once again be good. None the less I believe that things will change - change is the only thing we can truly count on in life.

I spent most of last year in Indiana. I was caring for my oldest brother who was being treated for cancer. It was a long and difficult treatment (and he was not a very good patient) so it was taxing to try and keep him happy and comfortable. He is better now and almost fully recovered - they believe the cancer is gone. Now I am back in New York and deep in the job search again.

If I was to get an offer for a job the first thing I was going to do was to call you and say that we must go have a meal together to celebrate. I have missed you in my life and I looked forward to again being able to see you a few times a week - and being so well cared for and hearing your stories and about your blog. You indeed do have a lot to write about now. You could write a very good and probably best selling book for the experiences you have had.

Again I thank you for your email and for letting know about all that has happened to you. You will be in my thoughts and today when I do yoga I will dedicate my practice to you and send you all the power and good energy of the universe. Please be well, take good care of yourself and let me know if you need anything, that I can help you with.

I send you all of my best and look forward to hearing from you.



It took me months to contact Dav*d and his brother H*l (tokay tempat aku kerja), rasa guilty pulak kalau tak contact pasal diaorang tahu yang aku kena detained. Ini email dari diaorang:

We were heart-broken when we learned what had happened to you! We had received a call from the US Immigration Service who told us that you had been detained. I then tried to track you down and made many, many calls to Batavia. I reached out to the Erie County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service and spoke to Jessica Lazarin. Then last July I got a call from US Probation and spoke to Lisa Ferraro. She said you were really a "gentleman" and that you were Ok and were about to be deported and you were resigned to it and accepted it. I then got your "A" number and wrote to you at Batavia. I guess you must have left before my letters arrived. I also spoke to Kimberly Schecter's office of the Federal Public Defender's Office who told me your case was resolved for time served. I tried to offer any help I could but it was no use.

I have to say I cried plenty and felt so bad thinking of what you were going through and really not knowing what had happened to you. I thought about that movie we saw together "The Visitor" and felt awful. I want you to know that I think of you every day and look at the photos from Chester's Christmas dinner and our party at the restaurant on Long Island. I am thrilled and so happy to hear from you and this is crazy, when I am on the subway, I often imagine running into to you. Every time a Bryan Adams song comes on the radio, I say to Hal, You know who's favorite singer this is.

I also wondered whether your two sisters (referring to AM sama NekRock, kan ker aku kata kat diaorang yang aku nak gi holidays sama my 2 sisters? ) were able to provide any help once you were detained. I tried to think that luckily they were with you at that time.

You are a special person with a big heart. We wish all good things for you from this point forward. Please stay in touch with us and let us know how you are doing!!! We miss you and are grateful for the time you were with us! Let me know if you need anything!!! (I mean it).

Best Regards,
Dav*d and H*l